Chasen Smiles Offers Dentistry for the Whole Family

General and Cosmetic Dental Care for Monroe, WA

Chasen Smiles in Monroe, WA offers comprehensive dental care for you and your family. Some of our services include:

Chasen Smiles in Monroe, WA provides a wide array of dental services for your entire family. From general checkups and dental cleanings to porcelain veneers and implant dentistry, we offer comprehensive and comfortable dental care. Dr. Irene Chasen has years of family dentistry experience, and can give you the dazzling smile you want. Our priority is to maintain your oral health and ensure your smile is beautiful and functional for a lifetime!

As our valued patient, you receive our complete attention. Let us know your concerns so we can find the best ways possible to help you achieve the most desirable smile results. At your regular checkup, we educate children and adults about proper oral hygiene, including advice about the types of products and techniques to use to ensure healthy teeth and gums. If Dr. Chasen discovers any dental problems during her detailed oral examination, she partners with you to determine the course of action for returning health to your smile. We can treat cavities with fillings, perform root canals on infected teeth, heal gum disease with periodontal therapy, and break up plaque with professional cleanings.

Dr. Chasen can also return function and beauty to your teeth with a variety of restorative options. If your tooth has been treated with root canal therapy, or you have a large cavity, then we can place a beautiful and natural-looking crown. Or we may do a porcelain inlay or onlay, or for smaller cavities, we can create a tooth-colored filling that matches the natural look of your teeth. We also offer a wide array of options for replacing your missing teeth, including dentures, bridges, and implants.

Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile. Our teeth whitening service brightens your stained or yellowed enamel. Bonding covers dark sports, chips and cracks, restoring beauty and health to your teeth. Or Dr. Chasen can give you an entire smile makeover in only two visits with porcelain veneers. Combining cosmetic options with restorative services, such as dental bridges or dental implants, we can also complete a full-mouth reconstruction. Full-mouth reconstructions use a variety of services to return full function to your teeth, enhancing your gum health and your smile beauty, too.

Chasen Smiles provides general and preventive dental care for everyone who lives in and around Monroe, Snohomish, and Sultan, WA. Contact our office today!