Monroe Dental Practice Offers Periodontal Therapy

Gum Disease Treatments for the Monroe Area

Gum disease, also known as a periodontal disease, is an oral infection caused by bacterial growth on your teeth. This collection of plaque build-up is called tartar, and it can even get under your gum line, causing inflammation, swelling, and discoloration. In fact, your gums can even begin to pull away from your teeth! At Chasen Smiles, we can treat your gum disease with safe, effective periodontal therapy.

If you don’t think you’re at risk for gum disease, consider that nearly 80% of American adults already have some form of gum disease—and not everyone experiences obvious symptoms. And nearly 30% of people in United States are genetically predisposed to get gum disease, so proper oral hygiene may not be enough to protect your gum health. If you have any of the following gum disease symptoms, then contact Chasen Smiles for your periodontal therapy appointment:

  • Gums that bleed
  • Bad breath that doesn’t respond to treatment
  • Pockets forming around the teeth
  • Damage to bone tissues
  • Teeth that feel loose or start to shift
  • Formation of pus around the teeth

Gum disease is a serious problem, and not one you should ignore. Untreated gum disease is the primary reason for tooth loss in American adults. That’s why if you think you have gum disease, it’s critical that you call Chasen Smiles for your periodontal therapy. Gum disease can not only detrimentally affect the health of your mouth, but it has consequences for your whole body. Scientific research continues to link gum disease to a number of health issues.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, patients diagnosed with gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease. Another scientific study linked periodontal infections with a higher risk of strokes. In the Journal of Periodontology, recent research discovered associations between rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease, and yet another study concluded that oral infections are directly connected to joint problems. Gum disease is considered the sixth complication of Type 2 diabetes, and people with gum disease are 63% more likely to get pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Irene Chasen and her team can make sure you have comfortable periodontal therapy. Preventing gum disease, however, begins with you and proper oral hygiene! Brush and floss every day. Use an oral rinse with peroxide. Get regular checkups at our Monroe dental practice. Catching gum disease at its earliest manifestations means we can use aggressive teeth cleanings to remove the bacteria and protect your oral health.

If your gum disease is advanced, then Dr. Chasen may recommend a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning is also called root scaling and planing. During your periodontal therapy, our Monroe dental professionals remove the build-up on your teeth—from both above and below your gum line. Gum disease can’t be cured, so we’ll monitor the health of your gums closely, using periodontal therapy to alleviate any signs of the disease.

Schedule your appointment at Chasen Smiles, conveniently located in Monroe, Washington. We serve Snohomish and Sultan areas, too. Dr. Irene Chasen and her team can treat your gum disease with periodontal therapy.