Monroe Family Dentistry

Comfortable Dental Care for Monroe Families

A true family dental practice, Dr. Irene Chasen sees patients of all ages. From toddlers to seniors, our services are customized according to your family’s unique dental care needs. Children benefit from our early preventive measures, and adults often take advantage of our cosmetic and restorative services. We offer regular checkups for every member of your family, and we look forward to serving you at our Monroe, Washington dental practice. Whether your family needs routine maintenance, such as a regular checkup or gum disease therapy, or more advanced care, such as replacement teeth or porcelain crowns, Dr. Chasen and her team provides the caring, compassionate dentistry your family deserves.

Children’s Dentistry in Monroe, WA

At Chasen Smiles, conveniently located in Monroe, our family dentistry professionals make every effort to create a relaxed and fun environment for children. We base our philosophy on a commitment to communication with your child, and helping them feel at ease through each treatment. Dr. Chasen takes special care with each child, assessing the best approach and treatment plans to benefit your child’s smile. Our staff loves working with kids! We especially enjoy showing our young patients the proper methods for brushing and flossing.

Dr. Chasen offers preventive therapies, including dental sealants and fluoride, to keep young teeth healthy and strong. A dental sealant is a safe, effective plastic that is thinly layered onto your child’s back molar. Molars have pits and fissures that can trap food particles and bacteria, which lead to cavities. When molars are covered with sealants, foreign materials cannot collect in the molars and cause decay. Fluoride supplements can be applied during your child’s regular checkup. Supplements greatly benefit kids with poor oral hygiene habits or who are at higher risk for cavities. The application of the supplement is easy: The child wears a mouth tray filled with a pleasant-tasking gel or foam for just a few minutes.

Monroe Dentist Treats Adult Tooth Decay

Adults are no strangers to tooth decay. In fact, 90% of adults have experienced dental caries. As your family dentist, Dr. Chasen will help prevent you from becoming part of this statistic. Our Monroe family dental practice uses the latest diagnostic technology for early detection of cavities. We offer fluoride supplements to further protect your pearly whites. If you already have signs of decay or need cavities treated, our family dentist uses modern dental solutions, like tooth-colored fillings, to preserve your smile.

Senior Dental Care for Monroe and Beyond

The compassionate team at Chasen Smiles understands the unique challenges that many senior patients face when it comes to maintaining good oral health. Medical conditions can make brushing difficult, and certain medications can damage teeth. At our Monroe family dental practice, you can rely on Dr. Chasen to spend time with you to learn about your concerns. We seek to understand your needs and help you meet your smile goals. Advanced services include periodontal therapy and implant dentistry to restore your oral health, letting you smile with complete confidence.

Family Dentistry Appointments at Chasen Smiles

Dr. Irene Chasen serves families in Monroe, Snohomish, Sultan and surrounding areas. At Chasen Smiles, we offer family dentistry for everyone—from toddles to seniors! Schedule your appointment now!